Research and Publications

Publications (Peer-reviewed)
  • Sieberer, Ulrich and Daniel Höhmann (2022). “Do Party System Parameters Explain Differences in Legislative Organization? Fragmentation, Ideological Polarization, and the Density of Regulation in European Parliaments, 1945-2009.” Party Politics 28(4): 597-610.
  • Höhmann, Daniel and Svenja Krauss (2022). “Substitutes or Complements? The Interdependence between Coalition Agreements and Parliamentary Questions as Monitoring Mechanisms in Coalition Governments.” Parliamentary Affairs 75(2): 420-448.
  • Höhmann, Daniel (2020). “When Do Men Represent Women’s Interests in Parliament? How the Presence of Women in Parliament Affects the Behavior of Male Politicians.” Swiss Political Science Review 26(1): 31-50.
    • Winner of the Fritz-Thyssen-Award for the best paper published in a leading German social science journal in 2020.
  • Höhmann, Daniel (2017). “The Effect of Legislature Size on Public Spending. Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design.” Public Choice 173(3): 345-367.
  • Höhmann, Daniel (2017). “Delegationsprobleme in Koalitionsregierungen. Ausschussvorsitzende als Instrument der gegenseitigen Kontrolle von Regierungsparteien in den deutschen Bundesländern.“ Politische Vierteljahresschrift 58(4): 593-617.
Publications (Editor-reviewed)
  • Höhmann, Daniel (2023). “Demystifying Publishing During the PhD: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities.” Politics & Gender. OnlineFirst
Book Reviews
  • Höhmann, Daniel (2022). Book Review: Dem Laufgitter entkommen – Frauenforderungen im eidgenössischen Parlament seit 1950. Gerber, Marlène und Heidelberger, Anja (Hrsg.) Zürich und Genf: Seismo Verlag. Swiss Political Science Review. 28(1): 149-151.
Working Papers

  • Höhmann, Daniel, Bailer, Stefanie, and Christian Breunig. “When Women Know What Voters Want: Female MPs, Electoral Threat and the Estimation of Voters’ Preferences on Women’s Issues.” (Under Review).
  • Höhmann, Daniel and Denise Traber. “Inequality, Class Identification and Affective Polarization Between Social Groups.”
  • Höhmann, Daniel and Corinna Kroeber. “Personality and Political Representation – The Relationship Between Personality Traits, Policy Positions and the Prioritization of Women’s Issues.” (Under Review).
  • Höhmann, Daniel. “A Policy Field Only Suitable for Women? Politician’s Attitudes towards Men’s Role in Gender Equality Representation.”
  • Höhmann, Daniel, Bailer, Stefanie, und Tomoko Latteier. “Social Media, Gender, and Political Ambition.”
Media and Blog Posts

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